CBD is already big in the health and cosmetic industry, so it appears the next logical step is in the consumer goods market. As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if you find CBD beverages in major stores in the coming months. Several companies are already working to come up with CBD beverages.  

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill means that the growing hemp and the sale of hemp products is now legal across the U.S. This has opened up a multi-billion dollar market.      

To put in perspective, America’s CBD beverage market is estimated to reach nearly $260 million by 2022. This is actually a conservative estimation as several experts claim that the market is likely to have a higher valuation by that time.

Some of the big companies that are taking a big bet on cannabidiol include Pepsi, Coca-Cola and New Age Beverages. While Pepsi and Coca Cola are still planning their foray into the market, New Age Beverage is steps ahead. The company has already introduced a range of CBD-infused drinks and is likely to release more in the coming months.           

Consumers can expect CBD in popular products like coffee, tea, and many other types of drinks.        

Now it goes without saying that beverage companies will certainly seek to leverage CBD’s medicinal properties to rake up profits. In fact, most companies are likely to market CBD drinks as healthy alternative.

The world is currently witnessing a CBD revolution. In the coming years, we can expect more CBD products. Currently, there are so many CBD products including oils, vape liquids, sprays, creams, capsules and now beverages.       

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plants. While mention of cannabis raises a red flag among some people, this compound is 100% safe and it won’t make you high.

CBD has many therapeutic benefits. This is why multi-national corporations are looking to exploit it. The health and cosmetic benefits of CBD are simply too good to ignore. It not only helps in resolving minor like muscle pain and skin problems but also major problems like depression, stress, cancer and heart diseases.

CBD is perceived as a magical health solution and there is a growing body of studies to prove its benefits. So if you find yourself gulping down a CBD beverage, you can rest assured that you are raising your health quotient. You may not have wait for long before CBD beverages become part of your regular diet.